On May 1 of this year, I joined an online group called “365 Project”. It inspires you to post a photo a day for 365 days. I did a little photography back when my husband and I published a local magazine. He had retired and was looking for a way to write and publish his work, as well as root out good stories. I got to do the photography and desktop publishing. It was a lot of fun.

I hadn’t really touched a camera for years after, save some personal photos of family events and pets. A friend put me onto “365 Project” and I dug out one of our older cameras, an Olympus PEN EPL-1 and tried my hand at it. This photo is using this camera. I even bought a second lens – telephoto – just to expand the possibilities.

Then I started duplicating my 365 Project photos as well as additional shots on Flicker.

Then the other day, I finally purchased a Canon EOS 60D camera with 2 zoom lenses and I’m just thrilled with it.

Now you could say, I’m hooked. So I’ll be posting photo stories.

I called this one “Adidas” because that’s what his shoes are. He’s either a traveler or very new to being homeless, because he doesn’t look at all ragged. He was sleeping on this bench in the centre of a large city. I was there for a business conference, and as usual, was up early prowling the streets with my camera. His posture, the fact you can’t see his face, and the folds in his clothing were artistically intriguing.

It’s actually a colour photo, but everything in it is black and white. I processed it just a little to bring out the texture in the cement wall behind him.

With the photography, I may have found my writing niche. We’ll see.

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