The Worst Photo Your Best Camera Ever Took

On a photography chat site, someone posted a challenge for shutterbugs to share examples of their “worst photo ever”. One that broke as many technical photographic rules as possible, all at the same time.

It wasn’t long before the following image appeared (no copyright infringement intended):


Then recently, a friend innocently commented on a photo I took by saying,”Wow, nice camera!“.

It’s like saying to a hockey player who had the most shots on goal, “Wow, nice stick.”  A hockey player worth his salt might respond “It sure is! You should see how many goals it gets when I’m not holding it!

Some photographers might receive my friend’s comment as an unintended insult, but I chose to be indirectly flattered, since to be honest, I shoot with a Canon 60D – which in my books falls somewhat below “nice” – more like in the “it’ll do till I get myself a full frame” camera range.

I definitely lean towards the bigger truth: what’s in front of the camera is important for a good photo, but of greater import is what’s behind the camera. The camera itself, so long as it is functioning and meets the immediate need, can be relatively inconsequential in the greater scheme of things.

I wonder what my friend would have said if I showed her the above photo and told her it was shot with a 200 megapixel Hasselblad. When you set your exposure ridiculously low, forget to take the lens cap off, or hit the shutter button with the lens pointed at your crotch – no number of megapixels is going to improve the worst photo your best camera ever took. 🙂


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