My Volunteer Journey to Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games Begins

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 7.21.44 AMLast fall the Toronto 2015 Pan Am and Parapan Am Games organizers put out the largest-ever call for volunteers, outside of wartime, in Canadian history. It’s the chance of a lifetime, so I thought I’d diary the whole thing.

I, along with about 60,000 other people across Canada, the Americas and around the world, applied for 23,000 volunteer positions. The process to vet all those applications, plus view all the online recorded video interviews, match skills to positions, and train/organize everyone must have been and will continue to be a daunting task right up to Games Day (July 10, 2015).

I received my “offer” a few weeks ago – to be “Medal Ceremonies Coordinator – Team 4” for Pan Am. I have no idea yet, what the exact details of that role entails! All I know is that it will be 12 shifts over 16 days, with access to all venues. But the mystery is all part of the excitement.

After completing several online training modules for “Games Impact” training last week, I attended the in-person “Leadership Impact” training yesterday. Still to come is “Role Impact” training where I get all the detailed specifics of my duties, locations, and shifts, and “Venue Impact” training where I will become familiar with the any number of the 31 competition venues and 13 non-competition venues located within a geographic footprint of 5,300 square miles around Toronto.

United We Play!

Let the Games begin!



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One response to “My Volunteer Journey to Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games Begins

  1. I hope you both enjoy and document your experience. I also hope you are appreciated for your efforts. Remember that you are the volunteer and volunteers are precious jewels not deserving of tawdry settings.

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