Oh, Spring? Yoo Hoo? Where the hell are you?

winter_snow_stormIt’s freezing rain outside. Winter was this ^^ for 5 months.

I know it’s only March, and I know I live in the Great White Canadian North. But this has been such a long winter, with no reprieve. There was no January thaw – for one week we usually get above freezing temps that keep us from committing hara kiri in the depths of winter. Out in the Canadian west it is likened to the “Alberta Clipper” – that brings sudden warm air, and temps can go from -40C to +15C or higher in a matter of hours. If it weren’t for all those “unclipped” days, I would move to Calgary.

So this time of year we fill the house with blossoming bulb plants to ‘help things along’.

Here are some photos from today.

dafo1 lily1


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