The Space Between – the Beginning

Ship door




The Space Between


I’ve finally decided on my personal photo project!

You hear about photo projects – lots of photographers have them. It a focus on something specific. Some have 365 projects where a photo is taken every day for a year. I did that once. Some use the letters of the alphabet and take 26 photos of objects that represent each of the letters.

Mine is to explore “The Space Between”.

It’s come about because I’ve finally discovered why I like certain photos I take more than others. It’s because in the ones that really appeal to me, my personal favourites – is when I’m photographing space, not objects. Objects are simply a recognition of the space around them.

If you are standing in the woods, you can only really experience the trees if there is space around them. You understand an object because that object controls the space around it.



The use of negative space to accentuate an object. Striking but a whole different take on “space”.

This is about “positive space” as opposed to “negative space”. Negative space to mean an area where there is nothing, to accentuate the focal point of the image. The definition of positive space is a path, a road, a door, light (the sun).

Positive space leads to a “place”, and a place is where good stuff is, where people gather, where there is something happening.

A doorway is not an object. MIT professor, Jan Wampler, describes a door as “an echo of a person moving through space”. That’s why doors are typically sized 6’x8″ x 2’x10″ – the size of the human body.

It’s all very neat.




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