Debut of “Lefty in the Loo”

You’ve heard of ‘elf on the shelf’?  If you are like me, probably more than you’ve wanted to.

Well I’d like to introduce you to “Lefty in the Loo”. There’s only ONE of him.

Lefty is an Efteling Collectible, from a race called the “Laaf” people. I won him in a draw at a Christmas social recently. One evening every December, the community gets together at the Morton Community Hall to eat sweets, drink coffee, and sing Christmas carols. I normally never win anything but this year I won Lefty. Turned out the ‘win’ was actually an adoption. He comes with a passport and adoption certificate.

According to the Efteling website “Once upon a time….long, long ago, the peace-loving Laafs lived in a land that was heaven on earth. This land was located somewhere above the North Pole, where the Laps now live.”

He’s a hockey player by vocation, according to his paperwork, but would prefer to be a figure skater on account of his ‘two left feet’. My family has been “enlarged” his adoption certificate tells me. This is a sober responsibility which I will be taking very seriously.


Although he’s hand-made, the guide tells me he likes the outdoors, but isn’t too fond of bad weather. Well, Lefty – or as I now call him “Lefty in the Loo” – fits nicely into any small bag, so he will be accompanying me on my adventures in 2018.

Thanks to a friend, Tina – who sat and brainstormed this concept with me late one December night – (I’d first tried to give Lefty to her, but she would have none of that!) – Lefty will be appearing in bathrooms across town, across the country and dare I say, around the world. He’s my photo project for the New Year.

Here are photos of his New Year’s Eve coming out party, in the Loo at the Casino in Gananoque Ontario on  December 25, 2017. He had a great time at the buffet dinner, and then patiently waited while his adoptive parents made numerous donations at the gambling machines.

We don’t know where Lefty will find his next Loo, but when he does, you’ll be the first to know about it!


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