Don’t Blink… You’ll Miss It

Sometimes… no most times with photography, it’s about chance and opportunity.

frost 2This is the time of year when Jack Frost pays those illusive and unreliable early morning visits. There is no other time of the  year and no other time of the day that you get to see his fragile, temporary art. It’s at the crack of dawn, during the smallest hint of spring approaching.

Each frost etching is unique – each is flighty. Weather conditions have to be just exact. He works all night on them, then once the sun makes contact, their existence is almost over.

Elusive as rainbows and sun showers.

frost 7

Like snowflakes, there are no 2 the same, but unlike snowflakes they are bigger and bolder and know no geometric shape, and yet, know all the geometric shapes at the same time. They are a promise of spring ferns, summer blossoms, and autumn trees.  Representative of all which is temporary and short-lived, but all that returns with the seasons.

frost 1Don’t miss the opportunity. It will be another year before it comes again.


6 responses to “Don’t Blink… You’ll Miss It

  1. These are amazing!!! So poetic. I can hardly wait for your published book – so I can take it with me everywhere I travel and look at these over, and over, and over…

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